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Word-Arts Master Classes Spring 2017

Word-Artists : Would you like to step out and share your creative work in a more powerful way?

SOUNDBODY  Sunday, APRIL 23, 2017   10 am – 4 pm   $35 – register to hold a place

Join Virginia Gillespie and Heidi McCurdy to learn warm ups and strategies to enhance your performance ability and style. Topics include: daily practice prompts, microphone technique , presentation skills, managing stage fright. You will have the opportunity to perform a short piece of your choice with feedback from the coaches.

Heidi McCurdy Global Jazz Soul singer, songwriter and recording artist through her business offers a variety of creative programs; conducts the Soul of the World Choir and holds vocal improv classes for adults.

Virginia Gillespie writer, arts advocate and artistic director of the VG PlayRoom word studio for projects and training in the Verbal Arts. She is a facilitator and coach in acting, body language and communication training, writing and devised theatre techniques.

MEMORIZATION & PRESENTATION  Saturday MAY 13, 2017  3 – 5 pm   $15 register to hold a place 

Candice James poet laureate emeritus New Westminster will lead you through practice and tips of memorization techniques to make you a more effective and engaging presenter.






Based in Southern British Columbia, Canada and Wyoming, USA Writer, Arts Advocate, Traveler. Founder and Artistic Director VG PlayRoom and the PlayRoom Word Studio.

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