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Autumn 2017 Word-Arts Project Grant

Autumn is here!  The Word-Arts Project is hosting WORKSHOPS Sundays in the MEDIA ROOM arts hub, upstairs the Lodge Dining Hall, Camp Alexandra, McBride Street, Crescent Beach. $10 donation.
October 15th, 3:00 pm : SONGWRITER CIRCLE with Tony Rees and Kat Wahamaa.
Songwriters and performing duo Kat Wahamaa & Tony Rees host this participatory session. Bring your voice, guitar, ukulele, and favourite composition for a relaxed afternoon sharing songs and discussing strategies for facilitating song-writers circles.                
November 19TH, 3:00 pm : PLAY WITH PLAYS. Lively, facilitated workshop: part play-making and devising/part riffing off script scenes.   
Find latest events: FB @VGPlayRoom
REGISTER  Virginia Gillespie   Artistic Director

Thursday, October 26th, 7:00 pm: Word-Artists Live! Salon featuring innovative, cultural trailblazers and word-artists (literary, theatre, music, poetry & multidisciplinary) with time for socializing, stimulating conversation and frivolity at Semiahmoo Arts Turnbull Gallery. South Surrey. Refreshments and no host bar.
Award winning Author, Poet  MARION QUEDNAU
Poet, Author, Media Artist HEATHER HALEY
Playwright, Entertainer JACQUES LALONDE
A Multi-discipline Artist, Musician – KEMPTON DEXTER
Writer and Pandora’s Collective – TASLIM JAFFER
Tickets are free but you must register as there is limited seating. 
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VG Playroom ran spring devising workshops that inspired PROJECT WoW – arts building without walls  a series of devised, arts-building activities at the Newton Plot Sharing Garden in culminating with Tip Toe Through The Garden with a kazoo and movement chorus procession, fairy garden tea party, Oracle of Elfie, music, art making and storytelling. We will expand Project WoW with a series of devising sessions beginning the evening of September 26th at 7 pm and continue every second Tuesday until early December.  
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Talk: ‘Inspiration for Art Spaces’ Alex House AGM 17-10-04

I am Virginia Gillespie. Artistic Director VG PlayRoom and the Word Studio located above Alexandra Hall. We received Surrey Cultural Grant for a Word-Arts project through partnering with Alex House. This includes a collaboration with Fauzia and Surrey Muse to host a reading series Word-Arts Live! Flyers are on the table. But also I’ve been involved in meetings about the Artist for A Change grant project.

I’m going to get personal and talk about my experience in the arts, give examples of what inspires me and a context for why I think these kinds of projects are important right here, right now.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I was raised in a home full of artful living. It was a place where all kinds of people were welcome. We celebrated holidays by decorating and feasting. We had a player piano and it was a hang out for me, my brother and our friends. My father loved to cook and dance. My mother trained in opera and was involved in music, theatre and planning artistic social events.

My father bought me my first guitar in Mexico when I was 13 and I used to lie in bed at night strumming myself to sleep, often waking with my guitar next to me.

We were a white middle class family. Privileged yes, by the ethnic and social status that was my reality as a child. In hindsight, I think the real privilege from my upbringing is that Frank and I were encouraged to create, think critically, have opinions and question the world around us. And it all started in the home.

But was it the perfect American dream? The 60’s came crashing in with a vengeance, Viet Nam, the Civil Rights movement, assassinations, nuclear threats, and the divorce of my parents that split up my family. That foundation of artful living, observing, questioning was put to a test. Continue reading “Talk: ‘Inspiration for Art Spaces’ Alex House AGM 17-10-04”

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Word-Arts Master Classes Spring 2017

Word-Artists : Would you like to step out and share your creative work in a more powerful way?

SOUNDBODY  Sunday, APRIL 23, 2017   10 am – 4 pm   $35 – register to hold a place

Join Virginia Gillespie and Heidi McCurdy to learn warm ups and strategies to enhance your performance ability and style. Topics include: daily practice prompts, microphone technique , presentation skills, managing stage fright. You will have the opportunity to perform a short piece of your choice with feedback from the coaches.

Heidi McCurdy Global Jazz Soul singer, songwriter and recording artist through her business offers a variety of creative programs; conducts the Soul of the World Choir and holds vocal improv classes for adults.

Virginia Gillespie writer, arts advocate and artistic director of the VG PlayRoom word studio for projects and training in the Verbal Arts. She is a facilitator and coach in acting, body language and communication training, writing and devised theatre techniques.

MEMORIZATION & PRESENTATION  Saturday MAY 13, 2017  3 – 5 pm   $15 register to hold a place 

Candice James poet laureate emeritus New Westminster will lead you through practice and tips of memorization techniques to make you a more effective and engaging presenter.